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My life and its happenings and my comments on it

Before the bio info
Well this is in most regards a friends only journal, though yes I do post a fair amount of non-friends postings. If you wish to friend me please tell me which catagory you would like to be able to read, they are as follows "BDSM", "Furry", "Health" and "Wicca" if you just wish to read my general friends postings then please just say "Friends"

Lets see here, a mini biography of who AngelPet is .. lets see what I can come up with that might give everyone who views this an insight into who I am and what makes me tick - then again reading what I have to say here in my LJ will to that to a degree, but still here goes something.

First off I am now Married so I am not looking for any relationships with others beyond basic friendship.

I enjoy chatting with those within the community regardless of status, dominant, submissive, slave, switch it matters not to me. I'm into various aspects of the lifestyle, leather holds an interest to me, but Id not say its a fetish of mine by any means, I just like it in moderation (no full body suits - that not my style).

I have been involved to various degrees within the lifestyle for about 10 years or so, since the fall of 1996 to be exact. Since I entered the lifestyle, it has been an interesting journey to walk, not always good, but there have been times that it was very good to me. I am in essence a switch, in the relationship I am in I am a pet to my mate, but a dominant to my girl. I don't actaully use lables for myself since well nun of them speak about who or what I am, I just use what appiles in general and go on from there, just ask anyone who has known be for a time.

I do have interest outside of the lifestyle, that I enjoy, and in that regards some of what I enjoy ends up as part of who I am, and what I am into to various degrees. You see, by trade I am a graphic artist within the digital medium, though I also work with various mediums that catch my attention.

I am not a windows user, though I will use one if I have little choice in the matter, by choice computer is a Macintosh and I've been using them since the first macintosh hit the market in 1994, used the apple before they switched over though.

Oh the medical side of things, I wish I could say that I was in 100% good health, but I am not. When I was 3 I was told I had AIP (Acute Intermittent Porphyria), which though not necessarily going to kill me it could in time do so, for various reasons - mostly because its not understood by most of the medical profession, thus making it one of those orphan deals that doesn't get much research or treatment.

A couple years ago November 2003, I was also told that I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), something that I should have learned about many years before then, since I'd been looking for an answer to why my cycles where not happening or why when they did they didn't last for long. It would take a little over 15 years before I got my answer, and when I did I'd learn a hell of a lot more then I new, and get really pissed off for knot learning of it sooner.

A month after I learned I had PCOS I was told I was also Insulin Resistant, which is very common in women who have PCOS - now at the point in time its not type 2 diabetes but my endro has told me to treat it like it is, because the chances of it turning into type 2 are greater then it staying as it was originally called.

Other then that I am fair healthy, save for one other minor deal that has caused some complications when it comes to play time. Its noting over the top, I just have two of the vertebra in my neck fused - they fused themselves when I was about 9 years older after a accident involving my head hitting the bottom of the school pool. Aka a Diving accident that could have been prevented had the pool been at regulation depth, which i would later learn it wasn't.

Other then those minor deals I'm as healthy as I can be, and as active as I am able - which can be a hell of a lot when I get into the mood to be active that is.

Now the questions come down to do I have any fetishes, the answer to that is yes - its not what some people are use to hearing, but its not that uncommon to a degree. You see I am into fur and plushies (if you ever saw CSI an ep entitled "Fur and Loathing you might have heard about a Furry and Plushy convention). Its not an uncommon fetish, but there are many different flavors of Fur as there are flavors of BDSM, thus finding those who are compatible within either lifestyle can be an interesting deal.

On top of this I also consider myself to be Pagan, a path that I have been walking since birth thanks to my grandmother and her training in that area of field.

When it comes to myself sexually speaking, I consider myself to be a bisexual asexual - yes you read it correctly. Bisexual because I have no sexual preference for either sex (I have had and been in relationships with both sexes of my own free will and choice) and asexual because I have little interest in sex itself, regardless of the gender of my partner sex is not high on my list of must have or dos.

For me my body might get turned on from touching etc, but for me if my mind isn't into it I'm not enjoying it, and for my mind to get into it, a hell of a lot has to happen (lets say genital intercourse might work for some, but sex to me doesn't involved intercourse).

Hmm what else to say...

Well I run several yahoo groups, for various interests, from PCOS and BDSM, Diabetes and BDSM, Survivors of Abuse (within the BDSM lifestyle), Subs Helping Subs, Subs Helping Doms_Doms Helping Subs, Weight Loss and Life Life, and my final list Poetry of the Soul.

I also have an LJ community known Diabetes_BDSM, which I am hoping will grow into a helpful diabetic community for those within the alternative lifestyle here on LJ.

Well I can't think of anything else to post about me at the moment, so take care and I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say.

Take care,
AngelPet aka Norman's AngelPet