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Twitter for June 2nd 2009

sighs, not feeling to good - am sore all over and my shoulder is so NOT working that well, no idea what is going on

FetLife, Twitter and name changes

Well I finally got around to joining it, took me a bit but am now a member of it and its not under this ID but another, am under AngelPet there why? Simple that is what he has chosen to call me and though I am able to keep my pre-existing accounts that can not be name changed though that can are being changed over to AngelPet or to NormansAngelPet, such as my twitter account which I am now known as NormansAngelPet because AngelPet is already taken.

I have debated about creating another LJ account under my new name, but since that would mean re-friending everyone on my friends list and re-joining all the groups I am a member of, its a little bit of a hassle that I really do not wish to get into, less I really really need to do so. Same as with another email address, I've thought about making a new one but again I've not dun so because of how much my main address is known within the community.

Anyhow, take care everyone
Norman's AngelPet

Twitter for June 1st 2009

Master says we are going to be having pizza for our first dinner with the new stove .... mmmm piza

by faster and larger I mean instead of one item at a time in the baby oven i can now cook more then a pice at a time, yaa full chickens!

well Master finally got the stove put in, so we now have a full kitchen instead of a kitchet ... I can now cook our meals faster and larger

Twitter for May 31st 2009

* I know a flee market is for selling items, but though it was for non-commerical stuff? or is this different here in the US?

* I didn't like the flee market, it was different yes but I didn't like it in general it just didn't feel right all in all

* Master took me to a local Flee Market that runings all summer, it cost us 4 bucks to get into it,talk about strange idea of paying for entry

* sighs went to bed at 4am and its now almost 8am, not been able to get sleep :-( not feeling good either, sighs

Twitter for May 30th 2009

* K it was not a puppy that we got but an abult dog, a senior to be exact he's all of 8 years old and is a blind american cocker

* WOOT Master is taking me out to see about getting a puppy of my own!!! Just have to see what the shelter has and if any catch his attention

* wow Master actually let me sleep in, normaly I'm up as soon as he gets up in the morning, today he let me sleep in a good 4 hours longer!

* Master is saying its time for bed, and yes I am tired - but at same time I do not wont to go to sleep

Twitter for May 29th 2009

* Just joined a twibe. Visit http://twibes.com/FurryFandom to join

* Just joined a twibe. Visit http://twibes.com/SecondLife to join

* just got back from seeing Witch Mountan with Master and his nephue, very good movie once on DVD we will be adding to our collection for sure

* wonted a mac snacker, but apparently they are only in Canada, not here in the US, go figure that out as in for once something only canadian

* The mall yesterday with Master was ineresting, not like any of the malls I have ever been to, as in lots of empty shops and not many people

* Master took me out to the mall yesterday - even gave me some spending money to get what ever dinner I chose to get and snack

Twitter for May 28th 2009

I also changed my name as you can see, why? simple its part of the name i use on FetLife (am known as AngelPet on there)

k looks like its longer then a month make that 48 days that I've been trying to get this account to work again ... growls

Back, kicks twitter in the rear .. have been trying for the past month it feels to get back on with it.

Twitter for April 9th 2009

Getting Married To my mate on the 2nd of next month - which will also offically mark our year anaverary as a couple.

@KelticKing its possibel yes - but Ive never exp jealousy in any of the M/s based relationships I have been in - in 12+ ys of living it

@KelticKing "the place of jealousy in a M/s relationship"? care to explain that comment further?

Got a twitter account

Well finally got a twitter account, been thinking of it for a while now - and thanks to Keltic I took the plundge and got the account

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