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Twitter from June 13th 2009

Well got as much as I am going to get dun when it comes to cleaning today, didn't get around to planting the herbs or veggies maybe later

Well got the kitchen cleaned up and the floor washed, now I need to do the bathroom ... no idea where Master is at the moent other hten out

Well its Master's sister's daughters sweet sisteen today, sighs that means putting up with teen girls and their antics, we got her Twilight

I sorted out the lundary and Master has started in on it, got about 6 loads to do in total, 2 white, 1 browns/reds, 1 black, 1 blues, 1 green

Well have been working on cleaning up the apt. Got a good dent into all the mess that has accumlated in the past three weeks, still have more

its 10am do you know where your Master/Sub/Slave/Partner is? ... mines out bitching with his sister

@LadyHotchKiss mmmmmm Knife play haven't dun that in a long time, miss it. Its one of Masters hard limits unfortunatly

well I am a wake, have been for an hour since Rusty started barking and woke Master and I up, goofy pup no idea what he was marking at

giggles Master and I have been having gester fun on SL for the past hour, go figure that one out ... lol ... or not

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