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House Work and other deometic deals

Well its been a while in coming, we have been running around so much the past three weeks that we'd just let everthing pile up and pile up so today we finally got around to actaully going from one part of the apt to the other cleaning as we go. We've gotten eveything almost into place and stored away.

We're also doing our weekly run of luandary, which his sister once again was not to pleased about. Like hello its two of us and we do it once a week, we're not doing it daily or evenevery other day like she does. Like hello, its just a single day of use that we make use of the lundary facilities - sighs and growls.

I've also dun the dishes, and remade the bed totally. We still need to clean the kitchen and bathroom, plus we really need to vacume big time. ANd I am going to try and get the herbs and veggies planted not sure if they will grow but time will tell how things go in that regards.

So all in all today thus far has been a fairly acitve and busy day. No time to play just yet, and in truth I'd like some play time but the way he is feeling it doesn't seem that its in the cards for today at least, that I we still need to attach the ropes to the bed for some restrant action.

Well take care everyone, will post more shortly
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